Ishikawa sushi quotient life hygiene trade association

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About the Association

The Ishikawa Sushi Store Environmental Sanitation Association is a corporate body licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. It's main office was established in Tokyo in 1961 by current sushi associations from around Japan, in accordance with sanitation laws.

Ishikawa’s fishes

The sea surrounding Ishikawa is known as “nature’s fish tank”. Due to the mixing of warm currents holding various fish species into the cold current containing rich nutrients from Mt. Haku, the number of phytoplankton increases, causing zooplankton to gather. Fish then assemble in search of these, creating a high quality food chain that becomes a rich fishing ground.

Over 500 types of seafood inhabit this ocean area, with over 100 major marine species. There have been many sushi shops in Ishikawa since long ago, making use of an ocean environment that provides delicious seafood year-round. Each store shines with its own individuality. Please be sure to try Ishikawa’s delicious sushi in every season.


How to eat the sushi